My Peeps

just a short list of some of my favorite peoples' links.
ya know, shout outs.

first and foremost,
the man who spawned me.

i get my long limbs and entrepreneurial mind from this guy.
he owns a rad videography business in dallas, tx, if you're lookin'.

my big sister, amy.

she's an amazing photographer, also in dallas, and without her beating me up 24/7 as a kid,
i might not have had the time to become recluse in my bedroom and make up weird dances and songs.

my little sister, lindsay.
 my partner in crime, the one who encouraged my creativity as a kid and let me dress her up in odd costumes for the sake of a good performance.

she's an artist in san francisco,
in case you didn't know.

she designed my header and did the majority of the graphic design on the hussy blog.

and who could forget my blog designer,
without you,

 "i have nothing, nothing, NOTHING...
if i don't, have you."
-whitney houston