guest vloggers - kimsey.

first things first, i need to apologize to all my fans.
i have been a HORRIBLE Hussy lately.
i blame Lover. period.
now that we've gotten past that,
i thought i'd share with you a guest vlogging duo
to help kick my Hussy self into gear
and get back on the vlogging train.
nothing like 2 silly girls to inspire me.
and since they're super awesome chicks-o-mine,
i'm asking you to do me a favor to help them out.
(listen carefully if you want to see me
do michelle from bachelor next week)
1. go to THIS facebook page
2. like it.
3. click on the "just others" tab.
4. and then "like" the kimsey video seen here.
doing so will allow these chicks
to become the very first siamese twin duo
selected for sassy scoops utah.
pretty big time, folks. big time.
you could also include a small comment saying:
"siamese twins deserve rights too!"
"end racism against siamese twins!"
"two is better than one!"
just sayin.
IF you can give these girls a SIGNIFICANT amount of votes
(i'm talking like up to at least 100)
then i'll do michelle from bachelor.
and post it next week.
i peacock.
and it will be oh. so. awesome.
so let's bring the Hussy back from the dead!

visit kim @

kim sue ellen, simply me

visit lindsey @

the r house


Staci said... lets see some horrible michelle

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

These are my I most def want them to win!!

Gibbs said...

watched and voted already this morning! Hope they win!

It's All Good... said...

I'm so glad you're back from the dead! I had just started reading your blog when you fell off the face of the earth and I have been DYING to hear from you! You are hilarious and beautiful girl!!!

mrs. r said...

HA! you crack me up! thanks for the shout out! did you see our PSA?

hysterical! i can see why the hussy loves vlogging so much.


also--let's discuss blogher in the near future!


Lisa and Daniel said...

I'm so sad that you're not doing wanna-be bachelor girls anymore.... what's up!?!? THey're so funny...gotta do em!

Ashley said...

haha i just found your site! YOU ARE HILARIOUS and such a babe!!!! I love it!!!!

Ashley said...

haha i just found your site! YOU ARE HILARIOUS and such a babe!!!! I love it!!!!

Queen Mama said...

I am dying now reading this and watching! HAHA!