huge megafied contest with ms. mle designs.

this is rad.

can i just say that first?

i was asked to help participate in an amazing giveaway

hosted ms. mle designs

that will allow you an opportunity to possibly win $500

in products from ms. mle designs.

listen to ellen degeneres for the rules on how to participate.


and pay no mind to the camera adding 72 lbs to my hussy self.

the buff arms part? that's for real.

awww yea.

go be a fan of ms. mle designs on her facebook page.

and go to her website for more details on the contest.

don't forget to check out her freakin awesome scarves while you're there!

they may soon be yours!!


Tara said...

(duplicating Jess typing)

...and gorgeously ellen-like

The WholeFamDamily said...

i need to go work out my arms. stat.
good ellen.
i need to enter the contest, so i can wear my $500 worth of scarves like Borat.

Lindsey said...

this is too funny. you do a pretty good Ellen. :)

Andrea said...

This is hilarious!! You did a good Ellen :)

Jaderbomb said...

You are AMAZING!!! REALLY.. YOU ARE... :)