dead dolphin, enough said.

the kids went on their usual exploring adventure this weekend.

but this time they found more than just rocks and cigarette butts.

too bad dolphins can't fit in little boy pockets.

are u gross like me and u have to see closeup shots?

news flash!

go here to be a part of history. i'm not kidding.

you must click that link or die.


kimmy said...

hey i've been white water rafting on the New River! of course that was a lot farther north in the mountains...hehehe. WOW--what a find Jacob. pretty cool.

Amber said...

Ummm, yah, that is freaking nasty! I had to keep looking away. When we went down to check it out, Jake was sticking a stick in it's openings...I about barfed!

Hillary N said...

I commented on your youtube page cuz you're mean and don't let big Mac users watch your videos here..why are you racist? I'd "flip" if I found that in my near backyard too!!

Crystal Burch said...

Aww..that is so sad! Dolphins are so pretty. That is crazy that he found that! As you were screaming about it and zooming in to the face I think I got a little tear. lol! I also love how Jake is obviously not phased by blood. He's all pointing to the blood and poking it! haha! That is a crazy story.

Untypically Jia said...

This is proof that vlogging opportunities just fall into your lap. Or . . . river bank that is. LOL!

Merrilee said...

My favorite part was when Hussy said, "A real LIVE dead dolphin..." that was funny.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

The best part hands down was the continuious poking of the stick on the dead dolphin through the entire shot. Was he poking the eye? If your son met my son, I dare say we wouldn't be able to pry them apart!