the booty bonanza and other blogger wars.

just a little friendly competition between fellow friend bloggers.
(michele @ no model lady)
and their spouse.

if you like this action,
you should take part in the crazy contest no model lady and i are having.

first to 1000 followers wins a dinner on the loser.
i'm using my lowe family news blog.
go there and follow me freaks!
and it wouldn't hurt to follow me here either.
you're gonna wanna see all the junk i got up my sleeve now.
i'm back and ready to attack!!!

guest vloggers - kimsey.

first things first, i need to apologize to all my fans.
i have been a HORRIBLE Hussy lately.
i blame Lover. period.
now that we've gotten past that,
i thought i'd share with you a guest vlogging duo
to help kick my Hussy self into gear
and get back on the vlogging train.
nothing like 2 silly girls to inspire me.
and since they're super awesome chicks-o-mine,
i'm asking you to do me a favor to help them out.
(listen carefully if you want to see me
do michelle from bachelor next week)
1. go to THIS facebook page
2. like it.
3. click on the "just others" tab.
4. and then "like" the kimsey video seen here.
doing so will allow these chicks
to become the very first siamese twin duo
selected for sassy scoops utah.
pretty big time, folks. big time.
you could also include a small comment saying:
"siamese twins deserve rights too!"
"end racism against siamese twins!"
"two is better than one!"
just sayin.
IF you can give these girls a SIGNIFICANT amount of votes
(i'm talking like up to at least 100)
then i'll do michelle from bachelor.
and post it next week.
i peacock.
and it will be oh. so. awesome.
so let's bring the Hussy back from the dead!

visit kim @

kim sue ellen, simply me

visit lindsey @

the r house

the Hussy does daybook.

so several weeks ago, a good friend-o-mine,
named carolE,
sent me a link to a blog called,
it's a blog written by sydney poulton,
just a random girl who documents her outfits.
and i forgot to mention she's adorably perfect.
i decided i had to be her. at least for one day.
and the hussy always gets what she wants.
sooo, yea...
first 3 things:
1. special thanks to my daddy for saving my life and editing this entire thing for me after my computer must have caught the stomach bug that i had for three days.
2. ignore my ghostly mcghoster face in the beginning. it goes away.
3. my "assistant" was the lovely mia.

huge megafied contest with ms. mle designs.

this is rad.

can i just say that first?

i was asked to help participate in an amazing giveaway

hosted ms. mle designs

that will allow you an opportunity to possibly win $500

in products from ms. mle designs.

listen to ellen degeneres for the rules on how to participate.


and pay no mind to the camera adding 72 lbs to my hussy self.

the buff arms part? that's for real.

awww yea.

go be a fan of ms. mle designs on her facebook page.

and go to her website for more details on the contest.

don't forget to check out her freakin awesome scarves while you're there!

they may soon be yours!!

i got interviewed. me.

uhh. yea. me. i got interviewed.

can you believe that?

me either.

valerie from mompetitors sat down with me.

and got a nice taste of her dirty grocery store feet.

i like doing that to people.

but in my defense, i think she likes taking it too.

it would be hard to believe that you've never heard of her.

but if you live on a different planet,

go check her out.

and spread the word of her awesomeness.

this particular video is my favorite.

thanks valerie!